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Darjeeling Song | Organic Darjeeling Black Tea

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Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is a symphony of Bold Darjeeling combined with soft organic vanilla bean and warming cardamom. You will experience each peice of this song and in the end feel as though you listened to a hit song that struck the perfect balance.

Large Tin= Aprox 60 cups/ 5 oz

Regular Tin= Aprox 30 cups/ 2.5 oz

high grown ceylon black tea- sweedish delight with lingonberries

Darjeeling Song with Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is a symphony worth hearing over and over again.




Darjeeling Song - Organic Darjeeling Black Tea Ingredients:


Organic Darjeeling Black tea,Cardamon, Organic Vanilla Bean, Fenugreek

Naturally Caffeinated.

Possible heath benefits of Darjeeling Song - Organic Darjeeling Black Tea:

Black Tea is linked in research showing some decrease in the growth of cancer cells it also has antioxidants that help fight toxins in the body.

Black Tea has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and may aid in the fight against coronary disease.  

Fenugreek Seed has a high content of alkaloids and natural estrogens, as well as demonstrating the ability to reduce high blood sugar levels. Recent studies have shown fenugreek's effect on blood sugar, as well as it's ability to restore healthy cholesterol levels.

The aroma of Vanilla is shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Vanilla fragrance reduces the startle-reflex in humans, which results in a calming effect.





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